January 9, 2010
WordPress Websites are now available from Applied Media.

Our new website packages include a variety of WordPress options
to accomodate any of your needs, from simple websites to fully-featured e-commerce solutions.

WordPress is the web's most
popular and easy to use website management system. The huge library of WordPress add-on modules mean that the possibilities
are truly limitless when it comes to growing your website along with your business.

June 15, 2009
We wrote the book on web development for professionals and small to medium business. Literally.

Mastering Your Domain - 20 Questions to ask your Web Developer was written by our president and founder, emphasizing that we are about much more than just taking your money.
The book contains all the insider secrets of effective websites spelled out in plain English and with nothing held back.

Enjoy our exclusive pre-release excerpts available only on our website.


Waterboss Canada is your Canadian home of WaterBoss® the whole-home water treatment system. Clean, soft water is a complete sensory experience. You’ll be able to feel the softness, taste the difference and see new brightness in your clothing. A whole-house water treatment system doesn’t only mean better tasting drinking water, softer feeling skin and brighter fabrics, it can also save your household energy and money.

Akela Construction is a small, but ambitious Calgary general contracting firm that specializes in unique and challenging construction projects in the commercial and industrial sectors in and around the Calgary area. In recent years, Akela has grown to take on new clients, however we still honour our founding philosophy.

At Nicole Bridger Design we believe in taking care of the earth and its people. To take care of the earth we use socially conscious fabrics and practices. We use fabrics that are from natural and renewable resources. We consider the impact that we have on the earth and do what we can to minimize it. To take care of the earth’s people we help spread the word of love through our affirmation labels I am love in each piece of clothing. We are dedicated to contributing to positive change in our modern world.

Head to Toe Restoration was created in 2008 to provide and render full, professional and optimal massage services, applying an integration of the ancient with the most current trends and techniques. Our home-based massage studio is licensed and registered in Chestermere, Alberta Canada. We continually strive to achieve the best quality of experience for clients through a deeper sense of relaxation and relief of muscular stress and tension.

Our newest WordPress Storefront project is showcased brilliantly in the new Milk Apparel website and online store. Have you ever worn MILK? We are willing to bet you have not. Milk Apparel offers an exclusive fabric of comfort, luxury and beauty for your skin. All available online in one of the most user-freindly shopping carts ever available. Contact us to find out how our new WordPress Storefront can help drive huge increases in your online sales.

TRAMS International Ltd. is a leading reseller of telecommunication services in Canada registered with the CRTC. We offer an international calling service created to provide everyday users the access to easily connect with family and friends across the world at competitive rates.

Introducing ourselves, we’d like to clarify that we’re not tour guides – we’re just fishermen like you. The purpose of this site is to help you to find what you need for fishing in Panama, whether they’re lures, tips, gear, recipes, boats, a special hotel, hot spots or whatever. It’s also designed to promote responsible fishing and to keep everyone informed of what’s going on with fishing in the oceans, lakes and rivers of Panama.

AquaMaster PRO professional water softeners use patented high efficiency design that conserves water and salt during regeneration. Conserve water. AquaMaster PRO uses less than 20 gallons of water per regeneration. That is 80% less water than conventional softeners for equivalent hardness removed. Save salt. AquaMaster PRO also uses 40% less salt than the salt efficiency requirement for NSF certification.

The goal of physiotherapy at Richmond Physiotherapy is to decrease your pain and improve your function as quickly as possible. Along with the manual treatments that we provide, an important component of this goal is to educate you on your condition, why the pain occurs the way it does, and what we need to do to make you feel better. The more you know about how your body moves & works the more effective you will be at maintaining your body and preventing injuries.

Phase Tracker R&D is the ultimate collaboration and productivity tool for R&D teams, bringing together a solution to two specific challenges facing development shops: Product Management and Process Management. Layered on top is the innovative and efficient SR&ED auditing and reporting module, which interfaces with the Phase Tracker Claim Prep system.

Information on how to resolve disputes is often focused on the litigation process and does not consider other non-adversarial options available to you, which may give you greater control and a more satisfactory outcome. Resolution Alternatives can help with the many alternatives to consider including, mediation, collaborative law, arbitration, parenting coordination or lawyer assisted negotiation. These different alternatives can make the resolution process less stressful, often more productive and allow you to have some input and control over the final outcome.

Developing Futures offers individual and couple coaching as well as training sessions focused on how you can create the relationships you most desire. These can be relationships with self, your children, family, friends co-workers or your life partner. The power to transform your life is within you. Don’t wait any longer! We have lived through all kinds of relationship matters and have learned from each one of them. We realize that there is a richer life ahead when each encounter in a relationship becomes a learning opportunity. Call us today and get started on creating your ideal life.

Abfab is a full service event management firm who will plan and execute events through a client's pre-determined goals and objectives; ensuring clients' expectations are met and that they get a return on event investments. Abfab provides event consulting and professional planning of special events such as corporate functions, personal parties and group events to those in and around Calgary, Alberta.

Elaine Bucknum is a calgary-based mediator who practices both long and short-term mediation and/or counseling with individuals, couples and families including relationship and co-parenting issues. Elaine has experience in treating individual concerns, relationship issues, divorce matters and co-parenting, including parenting best-practices for helping young children and for helping children of any age deal with separation and divorce.

Calgary, Alberta based Ingraph Limited can handle all of your graphic design, signage and print needs. Whatever the job, they are your business services partner who will deliver your project from concept to completion with authority. From Digital Colour Printing, Banners, Posters and Signage to custom Vinyl Cutting, Ingraph has the dedication, skill and the passion to make your communications stand out.

Of course we did our own website, who else would we trust? Seriously, every couple of years it's neccessary for a web development company to completely redesign and rebuild their websites. This is also true for many other industries and if your website is showing its age, you're doing your business a disservice.

PureHD is a hospitality technology corporation established to provide comprehensive high-definition entertainment solutions to hotels in North America. PureHD’s team of experienced hotel professionals have assembled a suite of products specifically designed to meet the unique high-definition needs of the North American hospitality marketplace.

In partnership with design guru Mark James Design, we recently built and deployed an osCommerce shopping cart installation for Shereen De Rousseau jewellery of Vancouver, Canada.

We built and maintain two complete osCommerce stores for Lucid Design Inc. of Vancouver, Canada. Both and utilize our advanced osCommerce package which includes add-on modules for Additional Images, Related Products and more.

We built and maintain two complete osCommerce stores for Lucid Design Inc. of Vancouver, Canada. utilizes our advanced osCommerce package which includes add-on modules for Additional Images, Related Products and more.

Linda Bonnell is a Family Mediator with more than two decades of experience in helping children and their families cope with crisis and sensitive issues. She has a Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation from the Justice Institute of BC.

More than just an data management system, Track and Driver is also the most valuable marketing tool any weekend stock car racer can have. Member drivers get their own personal web page where they can market themselves and their sponsors to the nation. Drivers' web pages are automatically updated in real-time with all their race results.

Family Mediation Canada is an interdisciplinary association of lawyers, social workers, human services and health care professionals, working together, creating a better way to provide for co-operative conflict resolution relating to separation and divorce, adoption, child welfare, wills and estates, parent/teen and age-related issues, etc. FMC was established in 1985 as a charitable, not-for-profit association under the Canada Corporations Act.

The Mission of the Alberta Family Mediation Society (AFMS) is to draw together the community of dispute resolution practitioners to promote awareness and use of mediation in the resolution of family conflicts. We are a non-profit organization promoting the development and appropriate use of mediation as an alternative to emotionally and financially costly court actions.

Based out of Panama City, Panama, B.M. Investigations, Inc. has immediate operational capabilities throughout Central and South America. Well known as a difficult area of operations for most, our contacts keep us informed providing a service unlike any other.

Shelley Taggart is a leading professional in the field of conflict resolution and has been providing mediation services for over eleven years. Shelley has helped hundreds of parties come to resolution in matters including: high conflict divorce; workplace conflict resulting from the posttraumatic effects of strike action; and parent/child conflict when parents transition in sexual orientation.

Jane Warren is a Registered Family Mediator, has a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and extensive training in Family Mediation including relevant aspects of family law and child and family development. She works as a mediator in Calgary, Alberta with separating and divorcing couples, as well as providing training and coaching to couples building new Blended Families.

Speedway International is North America's #1 source for 99.99% racing methanol. Speedway International's Pro Comp racing methanol is available through out North America in sealed 55 gallon drums, tank trucks and by rail.

Carwash Express is Panama's premier provider of on-site car washing services. Serving San Miguelito, Chorrera, Colón and Ciudad de Panamá.

Divinitus Networks Inc. is a brand new incentive program established as a network for Calgary consumers, by connecting them with the most elite local businesses. Our business partners provide incentives that are exclusive to Divinitus cardholders.

In 1898 and 1904, brothers Jacob and Peter Maksymetz, were drawn out of the seclusion of their tiny village in Galacia to become part of the Ukrainian emigration to the New World. The brothers and their families added to the cultural mosaic of the Ukrainian settlements, which were then emerging on the Canadian Prairies.

Thanks for the great website and amazing service. It's been awesome working with you!

Erin Cunningham, Akela Construction Ltd.

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