January 9, 2010
WordPress Websites are now available from Applied Media.

Our new website packages include a variety of WordPress options
to accomodate any of your needs, from simple websites to fully-featured e-commerce solutions.

WordPress is the web's most
popular and easy to use website management system. The huge library of WordPress add-on modules mean that the possibilities
are truly limitless when it comes to growing your website along with your business.

June 15, 2009
We wrote the book on web development for professionals and small to medium business. Literally.

Mastering Your Domain - 20 Questions to ask your Web Developer was written by our president and founder, emphasizing that we are about much more than just taking your money.
The book contains all the insider secrets of effective websites spelled out in plain English and with nothing held back.

Enjoy our exclusive pre-release excerpts available only on our website.

East Coast Data Center

DCA2 Network Operations Centre

McLean, VA

The network, with a truly national reach - spanning from New York through DC, Virginia, Illinois and on to California, is entirely Cisco 12000 series GSR based and uses the latest equipment in a fully redundant, fully meshed, network design. Optimal routing of packets is assured through intelligent human and proprietary technology assisted deployment of BGP: we are actively monitoring the performance of the Internet as a whole, as well as specific routes and backbones, and always ensure to provide the most optimal outgoing route. Being of a smaller scale than other comparable business models, and operating our own national network with multiple location peering with over two hundred major networks/backbones and ISPs, ensures that HopOne transit quality is higher, as there is less overhead and the routes are more direct (less hops) and thus more efficient -- and ultimately, faster and more reliable. In addition to being fully redundant hardware and circuit wise, the network is also fault tolerant in the sense that it is consistently kept at under 50% utilization, which means that it is able to sustain a doubling in traffic with no performance hit, and likewise is able to easily sustain multiple link outages, with no performance impact whatsoever.

You are the mediation cyber guru!

Sue Bedier - Alberta Family Mediation Society, Calgary, AB

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