January 9, 2010
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June 15, 2009
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West Coast Data Center

Atjeu Data Center

Phoenix, AZ.

The Atjeu data center is strategically located in Phoenix, Arizona where we are generally free from all natural disators such as earthquakes, tornado's, hurricanes etc... This data center has state of the art Juniper routers and HP Gigabit switches and is 100% fiber optic. Atjeu has 60+ tons of automatic redundant Liebert HVAC (climate control) for maximum server reliability. Atjeu has a redundant power backup including PowerWare UPS and a half MegaWatt Detroit Diesel powered generator system with an automatic transfer panel. The UPS systems also condition and voltage regulate incoming power to ensure consistent and clean power to all servers, routers and switches. All servers have a dedicated switch port for the best in speed and security. Atjeu has redundant Sonet ring transport fiber from multiple telco's. These rings have a minimum capability for at least 6 OC-192s each. Fiber optic lines are much more reliable then copper as they are not subject to electrical or environmental interference. The SONET ring technology carries the fiber optical cable in multiple rings giving any point on the ring access to any other point on the ring even if the cable is cut. It is important to note that many data centers share bandwidth and lines, whether fiber optic or copper. Atjeu has its own private dedicated fiber lines and its own private dedicated internet connections (bandwidth).

Facility Features

  • Staffed 24/7/365

  • Redundant Power

  • Redundant Fiber

  • Redundant Climate Control

  • Multiple Next-Gen Backbones

  • 100% Fiber Optic

  • Fully Meshed BGP4

  • Juniper Routers

  • Redundant Security

Thanks for the really good turn-around time. I have to say that you've made this process very easy, and have been really helpful.

Mark James Design - Vancouver, BC

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