January 9, 2010
WordPress Websites are now available from Applied Media.

Our new website packages include a variety of WordPress options
to accomodate any of your needs, from simple websites to fully-featured e-commerce solutions.

WordPress is the web's most
popular and easy to use website management system. The huge library of WordPress add-on modules mean that the possibilities
are truly limitless when it comes to growing your website along with your business.

June 15, 2009
We wrote the book on web development for professionals and small to medium business. Literally.

Mastering Your Domain - 20 Questions to ask your Web Developer was written by our president and founder, emphasizing that we are about much more than just taking your money.
The book contains all the insider secrets of effective websites spelled out in plain English and with nothing held back.

Enjoy our exclusive pre-release excerpts available only on our website.

Mastering Your Domain

20 Questions to Ask Your Web Developer

Excerpts from the book by Jason J. Stevens


It may seem a bit and odd to be writing an introductory-style book about the Internet in 2008. After all, the web has been a maturing and nearly indispensable business tool for almost a decade to everyone, hasn't it?

Apparently not. The Internet today remains so entirely over-populated with a dizzying assortment of poorly executed web projects that it sometimes amazes me we ever all got hooked on the web in the first place. There are many reasons why it got into this state: Under-qualified and over-promising amateurs, hired by thousands of unwitting small companies to build horrendous websites; Over-eager, though often well-intentioned entrepreneurs embarking on frantic do-it-yourself projects using technology they barely understood; and even good websites for their time, being left to gather dust by owners who have lost touch with the people who built them, and don't know where to turn.

Even though the days of the instant dot-com billionaire were over almost a decade ago, the tattered remains of the millions of also-rans and wannabes continue to litter the world-wide web. Furthermore, finding comprehensive local content for all manner of goods and services remains a mostly unsolved challenge, despite all the advances in mapping software, data integrations with legacy business directories and search logic. A truly useful Local Internet remains an elusive goal and the reason is largely the fact that most of the local business websites in your town right now are frankly terrible.

Anyone under 40 can relate to a situation where you are searching for a specific product or service, available locally and right now, and are reduced to pulling out the Yellow Pages (the Yellow Pages!) for some good 'ol analog searching, because your Google query for "in-ground sprinkler parts Saskatoon" (you know at least ten places sell them, and they almost certainly all have websites) turns up a couple Kijiji classifieds from Ontario, a swimming pool wholesaler from Salt Lake City and a PDF from the Journal of Environmental Quality describing Nitrate Distributions and Source Identification in the Abbotsford-Sumas Aquifer, Northwestern Washington State.

Aside from the obvious and easy-to-fix problem of customers not being able to find you, equally important is what they find, or more often, what they don't find when they finally reach your website. Out-of-date information, a lack of complete product/service descriptions, the inability to interact with you directly and in real-time for ordering products, checking availability, booking appointments and dozens of other activities, are a serious inconvenience to your prospective and current customers. Having a bad website or none at all, is hurting your business whether you realize it or not.

The frustration that your customer encounters when trying to do business with you on the web is what this book is all about fixing. This is not a book about becoming a dot-com billionaire or making it big with "Your Very Own Gambling Website!" The ideal reader is a small business owner who has come to realize that they are losing the battle for web supremacy in their market, or maybe even doing reasonably well, but lacking the understanding to work with their web developer towards growing and adapting their website to the ever-changing needs of their business and clients.

End of excerpt.

Mastering Your Domain

20 Questions to Ask Your
Web Developer
- by Jason J. Stevens

Table of Contents
  1. 1. How much does a professional website cost?
  2. 2. How will I expand my website?
  3. 3. Will my website be #1 on Google?
  4. 4. Where will my website be hosted?
  5. 5. How will I manage my email accounts?
  6. 6. Who will manage my Domain Name?
  7. 7. What is my role in the development process?
  8. 8. How long will it take to build my website?
  9. 9. Who will maintain my website?
  10. 10. Can I accept credit cards?
  11. 11. How will you ensure people trust my site?
  12. 12. Can my customers do ______ on my website?
  13. 13. Will my website work with all browsers?
  14. 14. Can I have a sexy Flash content on my website?
  15. 15. Can I make money selling advertising on my website?
  16. 16. How will you protect me against spam?
  17. 17. Will I own the code used to create my website?
  18. 18. Will my website be ready for mobile phones and other devices?
  19. 19. How will I know my website project is a success?
  20. 20. How will I get rid of you?
  21. 21. A few questions you really don't need to ask

Your help with our website and business was invaluable. You make projects easy to complete and fun at the same time.

Sue Bedier - Abfab Events

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